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From a single to a double carport, our 12’ – 24’ wide units are the most economical and highest quality units on the market. Our carports are manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide long lasting, maximum protection for your cars, trucks, RV’s, boats and any other property that may need protection from the elements. Our carports are pest, fire and rot resistant.

Our Carports are available on three different styles:

  1. Regular Style Roof is our basic and it is typically the most economical and affordable option but also the most clearance on the center. This Style is available on 14 and 12 Gauge frame work.
  2. A-Frame Horizontal Style Roof. This Style is available on 14 and 12 Gauge frame work.
  3. A-Frame Vertical Style Roof is designed for an “A-Frame Truss Only”, this design helps prevent weathering elements such as rain and snow from standing on your building. This Style is available on 14 and 12 Gauge frame work.
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Our Triple Wide Clear Span Carports are engineered with a heavy duty truss system. Their wide clear span, maintenance free area is perfect for when trying to fit more than two trailers, boats, large equipment or multiple vehicles. From a top only to a fully enclosed garage, any length up to 18’ side height. Certified Units to meet wind and snow load requirements are available at additional cost. These structures are one of the strongest ones built. Option to add certification for snow and wind loads to these buildings is available. This Style is also available on 14 and 12 Gauge frame work.

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This buildings gives the customer the option to have a carport plus an area of storage. Storage size is optional, we do have standard size in a combo package of 10’ enclose area. Different sizes of storage are available in increments of 5’ on and we can always custom the size the size of storage you are looking for. Wood floor is available on any enclosed storage, also this Style is available on 14 and 12 Gauge frame work.

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We have garages in any style. From garage packages to the custom garage you need. Garage Roll up doors comes standard and Overhead Doors with/out electric opener are available (ask your local dealer for details). 14 or 12 gauge frame work and 13 different colors for Roof and siding are available.

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Three barn styles; Red Barn, Horse Barn and Seneca Barn. Designed with 3 sections combined to make units up to standard 54’ Wide (custom sizes available, not clear span). Three sections ranging from: 12 wide Lean To – 12 Wide Center Unit – 12 wide Lean-to 12 Wide Lean-to – 30 Wide Center Unit – 12 Wide Lean-to (Center units from 12’ Wide – 30’ Wide, Lean-to units from 10’ – 12’ Wide). Barns are perfect for livestock, farm machinery, feed and storage. Our three barn styles are professionally installed in less time than traditional wood barns, last longer and reduce overall costs.

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Our 32’ – 80’ Wide. Its professional engineer design for 40LB Ground Snow Load Certification, Fully Vertical. Custom truss design for clear span area. All of our 32’ – 80’ wide buildings comes on standard on 2 ½” 14 Gauge Galvanize Square Tubing. Option to upgrade to 2 ¼ 12 Gauge (20 year warrantee) and 105 MPH wind load certification are available at additional cost. From a vertical top only to an all vertical enclosed garage, any length, up to 20’ side height. Our 32’ – 80’ wide buildings are structurally sound and more economical than most red iron or pre-engineered steel buildings. They are also designed for faster assembly.

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Our Certified buildings are constructed to withstand a certain Snow Load. These Buildings do come with stronger structure as there is additional material added to the building to hold the Snow Load that your Local Building Code Required. We offer 30LB, 40LB, 60LB and 90LB Ground Snow Load following a Certified Engineer Plans that will meet all local building codes for your specific building (engineer drawings are NOT included on any Carport/Building and they are available at additional cost), Certified Units to meet local wind load requirements are available at additional cost.

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Our Portable Buildings are the perfect addition to any back yard. All Portable Building Packages come with Wood Floor, 8’ Wide Models comes standard with a 32” Wide by 72” Height Walk-In Door on the front or back end, 10’ Wide – 14’ Wide Models comes standard with a 6’ Wide by 6’ Height Light Weight Roll-Up Door for easy lifting. This helps anyone who needs a small storage area. 5’ Porch available at additional cost on all the units, 5’ Porch is NOT added to the size of the unit, but it is included in the unit length.

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In the past loafing sheds were made out of wood, we have created a heavy duty all steel Loafing Shed that is made and designed to last. Our Loafing Sheds are the most utilized sheds on a ranch/farm areas. Whether you need a basic safe horse shelter, a dry place to help your cows calve or place to store you tack and the most important factor as on all of our products, the price you see includes Delivery and Installation on your level ground.

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Side Entry buildings are designed for those who need to store more vehicles or equipment and do not have the room for a larger carport. This style is available in our Regular or A Frame Style Buildings. You can choose from Square Frame Opening or our new 45º frame openings that give it a touch of elegance. You are able to enclose the entire building and even install Garage doors. Our price package includes two gable ends, front side completely enclosed with the openings that correspond with the length of the building and the back wall with a 3’ wide panel down.

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Wanting to have a different style in the carport you’re purchasing. This style is just like an A-Frame Style with a small extension on top, giving it a more similar look to a barn. This building can be made with our 14 or 12 Gauge steel. Building is made with a Vertical Roof. Prices come as a package price with side’s open and just roof. Or customize it and enclose it with Garage doors, Windows or just walk in doors.

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Only Dreams Carports offers this style of building. Need to cover up your patio for those summer outings. This is the right building for that. We offer this in any size you need, from our package prices to any custom size. Has the style just like a gazebo. A building that no one around has be the first to try our Dream Style Building.