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Things You Should Know

  • Please inform installers of any underground cables, gas lines, or any other utility lines. If utilities are not marked, Dreams Carports & Buildings Inc., will not be liable for damage. We will not be responsible for permits or restrictions.
  • Lot must be level or unit will be installed “as is” on lot, or will accrue additional fees.
  • If land is not level or additions need to be made to the carport, a $100.00 service charge and any additional material costs will be added to the balance.
  • Dreams Carports & Buildings, Inc. will absolutely not be responsible for refunds of the customer’s deposit collected by the dealer.
  • Dreams Carports & Buildings, Inc. is not liable for any damages as a result from inclement weather.
  • If you are tax exempt, a tax exempt certificate must be attached to your original order(s). Otherwise, applicable tax will be added.
  • Our ground rebar anchors are for temporary use only. For permanent anchors, ask your Dealer or Sales Representative.
  • I have read the terms and conditions of this contract; by signing this contract, I agree to all conditions set forth herein and, should I fail to make payment in full at time of delivery, I understand and agree to allow Dreams Carports & Buildings, Inc. to pick up the carport, and I will be liable for all applicable charges and fees associated with the initial setup and delivery as well as any legal fees incurred by Dreams Carports & Buildings, Inc.
  • Please keep original invoice for legal matters. Dreams Carports & Buildings, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order.
  • By law in ANY state of the US: Owners are not allowed to interfere with the contractor's work, direction, work methods, or control.

NOTE: Frame is 1 ft. shorter than roof length on horizontal metal. Vertical buildings have no overhang and are 1 ft. shorter than horizontal.

NOTE: If you need Engineer Stamped Drawing for your building, there will be an additional charge.